A quality oriented higher education venture, in the interdisciplinary field of communication by CMI in the media capital, Kochi is a boon to professionals and amateurs alike. Molding passionate media practitioners with vision is the challenge of our times. A strong conviction of purpose, coupled with technical prowess place SH School of communication into premier league of media schools in the country.  It handles two very relevant streams of discipline –Communication and Journalism, Digital Animation, Graphic Design, and Cinema and Television.

Introducing all to the privileges communication can offer, to persons and communities from different walks of life through in depth study, analysis, practice and constructive public discourse. SH School of communication intends to be a facilitator and potential mentor of the media students and practitioners in the following ways and more as the discipline develops into future.

  • Film, Television, Electronic and Print journalism, New Media and Social Media related short and long term courses
  • Production wing for radio, digital film making, graphic design, animation and special effects
  • Courses in Interpersonal, Organisational, Marketing  and Corporate communication
    Media Research Centre for studies on various communication vehicles and Market oriented communication analysis
  • Special programmes for different levels of students, professionals and common people on Education about Media, Media Studies and Media EducationApproach to Learning
    Self learning is greatly promoted through Workshops, daily consultations, brainstorming sessions for idea generation.
    Contacts and industry relationships will be built for professional competence on a long term basis.
    Curriculum and syllabus will be followed through innovative field trips, interactions with leading professionals
    Training and apprenticeship opportunities will be encouraged in professional organizations at various cities in Film, Television, new media and web technology related sectors.

SH School of Communication for Mentoring Professions in Media
•    Finishing School for professional grooming
•    Hands on industry oriented training and assessment
•    English language enhancement sessions
•    Lecture demonstrations of professionals
•    Regular interaction with industry leaders
•    Inter disciplinary Seminars
•    Digital film making and web technology practicals
•    Tie ups with National and International Universities
•    Industry partnerships for Placement
•    Add on skill workshops

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  1. Kevin says:

    Is there any other bachelors degree course insted of graphic design??

    1. Hi Kevin,
      We do offer only BA Animation & Graphic design programme.

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