Postgraduate Programme
Master of Communication & Journalism (Four Semesters – two years)
M.A Cinema & Television (Four Semesters – two years)
M.A  Digital Animation (Four Semesters – two years)
M.A Graphic Design (Four Semesters – two years)

Undergraduate Programme
B.A Animation & Graphic Design (Six Semesters – three years)

Eligibility for Admission
All students who have successfully completed graduate programmes in any discipline are eligible for our Postgraduate programmes and students completed plus two are eligible for our Undergraduate programmes.

Programme Structure and Outline
Masters programme in Digital Animation, Graphic Design, Cinema & Television have started being taught recently in India and also Master of Communication & Journalism(M.C.J) are the best we offer in terms of quality in facilities, training and well defined structure for curriculum from Sacred Heart College (Autonomous) . SH School of Communication sees immense opportunity in teaching these programmes as they serve distinct purposes for students who are interested in understanding different segments of various media for professional growth.

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