Course Content in Six semesters: BA Animation Graphic Design

Semester I

  1. English T
  2. Art and Visual Perception T
  3. HistoryofAnimationI T
  4. Elements of Graphic Design P
  5. Drawingfor Animation P

Semester II

  1. HistoryofAnimationII T
  2. Reproduction Techniques P
  3. RasterGraphics for Designers P
  4. VectorGraphics for Designers P
  5. Animation Studio I P

Semester III

  1. Art and Society T
  2. Scripting &StoryboardingforAnimation P
  3. DesignStudioI P
  4. Motion Studies P
  5. 3D Animation I P

Semester IV

  1. Animation Studio II P
  2. DesignStudioII P
  3. Interaction Design P
  4. Typography P
  5. 3D AnimationII P

Semester V

  1. Animation Studio III P
  2. Animation for Web P
  3. EditingPrinciples P
  4. Information Design P
  5. Motion Graphics P

Semester VI

  1. Animation Project P
  2. GraphicDesign Project P
  3. Internship I
  4. Internship II

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