Course Content in four semesters:

Semester I

  1. History of Animation   (T)
  2. 2D Design (P)
  3. Film Techniques (P)
  4. Concept, Layout & Storyboarding (P)
  5. Traditional Animation (P)

Semester II

  1. History of Computer Animation (T)
  2. Object Animation & Pixilation (P)
  3. CG Foundation I (P)
  4. 2D Digital Animation(P)
  5. 3D Design (P)

Semester III

  1. 3D Advanced Studies (P)
  2. Compositing (P)
  3. Editing (P)
  4. 3D Animation I (P)
  5. Post Production (P)

Semester IV

  1. 3D Animation Project (P)
  2. Port folio (P)
  3. Research (P)
  4. Internship I

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