Course Content in four semesters: M.A Graphic Design
Semester I

  1. History of Art and Design (T)
  2. Elements of Visual Design (P)
  3. Design Studio I (P)
  4. Interaction Design I (P)
  5. Photo Communication (P)

Semester II

  1. Media Ethics and Education (T)
  2. Typography (P)
  3. Interaction Design II (P)
  4. Information Design  (P)

Design Studio II  (P)

Semester III

  1. Package Design (P)
  2. Publication Design  (P)
  3. Advanced Typography  (P)
  4. Programming for Designers  (P)
  5. Motion Design (P)

Semester IV

  1. Internship
  2. Final Thesis Project  (P)


Successful completion of MA Graphic Design equips the student to confidently choose professions as

Graphic designing for industrial applications
Graphic and animation content design for audio visual production
Website and web portal designing
Software interface designing
Design for web applications
Print and publication Designing
Entry level instructor/ facilitator for graphic design and animation related courses

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