Course Content in four semesters: Master of Communication and Journalism 

Semester I

  1. Introduction to Communication (Theory)
  2. History and Development of Journalism (Theory)
  3. Public Relations & Corporate Communication (Theory) 15P1MCJT04: News Reporting (Theory)
  4. Practical: News Reporting


Semester II

  1. Media Management and Production (Theory)
  2.  Business Journalism (Theory)
  3. Advertising Practice (Theory)
  4. Editing Techniques and Translation (Theory)
  5.  Practical: Editing and translation

Semester III

  1. Media Law and Ethics (Theory)
  2.  (A): Malayalam Journalism (Theory)
  3. (B): Health and Communication (Theory)
  4. Magazine Journalism (Theory)
  5.  Radio, Television and Cinema (Theory)
  6. Practical: Radio and Video Production


Semester IV

  1. Communication for Development (Theory)
    Research Methods for Media (Theory)
  2. New Media, Feature and Technical (Theory)
  3. Practical: Laboratory Journal/ Internship
  4. Project / Dissertation
  5. Comprehensive Viva-Voice