IMG_9202People Of SH School of Communication


SH Communication School is privileged to be at the nerve centre of professional media activity in Kochi. It has a regular team of teachers and facilitators who are media practitioners in film, Journalism, television, graphics and animation. Students will have excellent exposure to leaders in the industry through workshops, lec-dems  and brain storming sessions. Students will be adequately briefed regarding the resource pool of lecturers at the beginning of each course and semester.

Mr. Babu Joseph, Director , School of Communication
Dr. Asha Achy Joseph, Head of the Department
Mr. Rohit Sivan, Assistant Professor 
Ms. Anu Cherian, Assistant Professor
Mr. Vinod L, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Malu Mohan,Assistant Professor
Mr. Sijo Joseph, Assistant Professor
Mr. Kishore Kumar,Assistant Professor
Fr. Antony P T,Assistant Professor
Mr. Kiran Sasi , Assistant Professor
Mrs. Amathul Wardha, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Rima Mathew, Assistant Professor


  1. Lal Jose, Indian film director
  2. Vinod Sukumaran, Indian filmmaker.
  3. S. VenkiteswaranIndian film critic, professor, documentary film maker and writer
  4. Thomas Jacob, Ediotrial Director, Malayala Manorama
  5. Vipin Vijay, film director and screenwriter
  6. Sreekandan Nair, MediaPersonality
  7. GeorgePaul,Leaddesigner, ForestDesigns
  8. FelixDevassia, 3D Animator


  1. MattiasLow ,International FilmMaker
  2. Anubha George, (BBC )Journalist
  3. Haridas Nareeckal , Designer
  4. Hashim Padiyath, Designer
  5. Jophie Joseph, Designer
  6. Mohammed Rashid, Media Person
  7. Niranjana Varma, Artist
  8. Prasad N K, Designer
  9. Ramesh M L , Designer
  10. Sahadevan, Media Journalist
  11. Vinod Sukumaran, ilmMaker
  12. Jakob Jose , Designer
  13. Santhosh Kumar , Social Activist
  14. Manu Jose, Theatre Artist,Social Activist
  15. Krishand R K, Story Teller and FilmMaker
  16. Saji Nair, Cinematographer 
  17. Lijin C Xavier , Editor


Mrs. Elizabeth Shiny Xavier, Administrator
Ms. Krishnapriya, PR/Student Coordinator

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