Placement Service

As we move further into the digital age, the application of multimedia is making its presence felt in all aspects of daily life. From advertisements and movies to website design and mobile gaming, all employ inputs from the field of multimedia. However, we are yet to tap into the full potential of this field to generate jobs that are future oriented, creative and lucrative.
The Indian media industry is growing in an astonishing range. While around 1300 movies are made annually, the print media boasts of a readership of almost 172 million. A robust television viewership for around 600 channels and an internet accessing population of around 132 million makes India one of the hottest media hubs in the world. This has opened up unprecedented job opportunities in the multimedia sector. Having professionals as teachers in SH School of Communication intensifies probability of natural absorption of students to related industry segment.
College promotes professional placement services in all industry oriented courses and SH School of Communication benefits from this facility at each instance of its talents to be supplied to the best pay masters in the market. Throughout student life in the school each student will be initiated to seek apprenticeships, traineeships and industry friendly tie ups along with the final placement.

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